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We are a team of licensed and trained cleaners who have expertise in cleaning all types of surfaces and treating all types of stains. With the help of modern cleaning techniques, advanced cleaning equipment and highly effective cleaning products, we ensure that your property is glinting. We keep the interior and exterior of your property clean, dust-free and germ free. We ensure that your property not only looks clean, but FEELS clean!

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Commercial & Office Cleaning Services In Toronto

We, at Diamond Cleaning Services, offer top quality commercial cleaning in Toronto, ON. We are one of the best cleaning services providers and have earned a good name among hundreds of businesses in Toronto. We service all types of commercial buildings, be it schools, offices, salons, restaurants, clinics, stores, medical offices, labs, corporate offices or any other commercial building. You can trust us for office cleaning contracts in Toronto.

Promote Good Health & Productivity With Our Commercial Cleaning Services

The importance of cleanliness and hygiene in a commercial building cannot be stressed enough. A clean workplace promotes good health, well being and enhances productivity of the employees. It instills a sense of respect among the employees for their employers.

Our industrial cleaners in Toronto realise this! But, we also know that you have a busy life and a hectic schedule. This is why we want to take the burden of cleaning off your shoulders. We will do cleaning for you while you focus on your business. When it comes to cleaning, we are experts! We have been in this trade for many years now, and can confidently say that we are among the best commercial cleaners in Toronto, Ontario. We look for every nook and corner of your building and make sure it is cleaned. We use highly effective cleaning agents to clean those stubborn stains and lurking bacteria of the surfaces.

All cleaners in our team are trained, experienced and knowledgeable. They are polite, friendly and exhibit extreme professionalism. This is why you will not even feel their presence in your property. Our commercial cleaning contractors in Toronto will clean up after themselves and leave nothing except glinting surfaces.Reasons enough to not search for ‘commercial cleaning near me’ on the internet one more time?

Epic Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Service Company


Stripping & Waxing

Through our superior cleaning methods, floor care techniques and commercial janitorial floor waxes and supplies, we are confident of taking good care of your floors and standing up to your quality expectations.


Complete Janitorial Services

We provide a complete range of janitorial services for everyday cleaning needs of our clients. We keep your property clean, dust-free and germ free.


Post Construction Cleaning

We have collaborated with contractors, building owners and real estate developers to ensure that detailed cleanup of the property is done post construction. We can clean every type of property with ease and expertise.


Carpet Cleaning

We have expertise in cleaning all types of carpets. With the help of modern cleaning techniques, advanced cleaning equipment and highly effective cleaning products, we bring back life into the carpets.


Window Cleaning

We offer professional window cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties and for all types of windows, be it aluminium or wooden window sills, or windows of high rise buildings.


Power Washing

We restore your pathways, driveways, sidewalks, and other areas of the building to their original condition by using power washing technique. We use high pressure water flow with variable pressure and heat to get the desired results.


Power Sweeping

We, at Diamond Cleaning Services, provide power sweeping services for all types of commercial properties. We help you maintain your building’s exterior.


Disinfection Cleaning

We, at Diamond Cleaning Services, provide disinfection services to all types of commercial properties including hospitals, restaurants, schools, offices, gyms, warehouses, bars, clinics.

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Why Choose Our Cleaning Services?

We give you enough reasons to choose us for cleaning services.

  • Guaranteed Client Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We work hard to ensure that! In case you are not satisfied with our services, we redo the work.

  • State of the art equipment

    We are always looking for the newest technology in the market because we want to provide you with the most effective cleaning solutions.

  • Friendly services

    We want you to be comfortable. Our team is friendly and cooperative and try their best to cause minimal disturbance to you when they are around.

  • Eco-friendly products

    We use environmentally friendly products for cleaning. Your health is important to us, and we do not want to compromise on that. We care about the environment and want to build a business that is sustainable.


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Hiring our services is as simple as this.

Diamond Cleaning Services is the best option for those who are looking for tailored cleaning packages. They discuss your needs and budget with you, and then offer packages. Very effective cleaning done by them!

Thomas Smith

I never thought that the windows of my house could look this clean. Diamond Cleaning Services made it possible! Thanks for the amazing service. Would definitely hire them next time!

Liam Brown

I never believed in hiring professional cleaning services for my house cleaning. Someone recommended me Diamond Cleaning Services, and I hired them for carpet cleaning. I must say that they did a brilliant job. My carpets now look new & smell fresh!

Miya Wilson

When I opened my new office I had a lot to take care of. Cleaning was the last thing on my mind. On my friend’s recommendation, I contacted Diamond Cleaning services for complete janitorial services. They offered me a customised cleaning package, and I have been using their services ever since.

Gurpreet Singh

Very professional, polite and sincere! You don’t even feel their presence in your property. I would recommend them to everyone who wants a value for their money!

Nathan Roy

I am so confident in the level of service I get. I’ve never worked with a more flexible and dependable cleaning contractor.

Peter Mathews , Plum Corp, Mississauga

I’ve asked for work above and beyond the norm, and I’ve yet to be disappointed in Diamond Cleaning Services.

Laura Steele, Steele Consulting, Caledon

The most professional company I’ve ever worked with. I highly recommend Diamond Cleaning Services.

Joan Supria , Saviour United, Brampton


Unlike your residential cleaning, office cleaning requires a lot more. It is not just about dusting away the dirt. Business owners need to understand that their employees require a neat and clean work environment as much as they themselves require a clean home.

Office cleaning is a deep and thorough cleaning of main corporates. There are various types of services that are included in office cleaning such as dusting all the desks, chairs, tables, and other furniture, mopping floors with disinfectants, polishing brass work on cabinets and doors, vacuuming all the floors and carpets, wiping the glasses, and more.

There are also cleaning services for the kitchen, break room, and washrooms if they are available in the offices. Stocking toilet tissues, facial tissues, cleaning mirrors, disinfecting floors, elevators, and stairs, removing all the garbage, cleaning toilets and urinals, removing splash marks from the floor, etc. are a few of the other office cleaning services.

Office cleaning experts often suggest categorizing the cleaning schedule as daily, weekly, and monthly. While there are a few cleaning practices that need to be done daily without fail, there are others that can wait a week or even a month.

Let us take an example. You cannot get your washrooms cleaned every once in a while. It is an unhygienic practice and will also lead to a bad odor spreading around. Thus, it is crucial for you to get the toilets, urinals, and floors thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every single day.

As for the cleaning of all the glass that is outside or even inside with squeegee is something that can be done weekly. You don’t have to send a man out there to clean your windows every day.

You can get your chairs and vents deep cleaned with a vacuum once every month to get rid of all the dirt and bacteria that might be stuck inside the fibers.

Just like any other field, getting contracts and clients first require you to identify your ideal customers. Once you know which commercial site you are planning to expand to (could be a hotel, an office, or any other commercial property), then comes the need to finalize the facilities that you will offer. Analyze the expenses including travel costs, equipment costs, and product costs before you make your final decision.

Then comes reaching out to the customers. The traditional way is to pick up your phone, start calling, and selling your services. This is the cold calling method that still works wonderfully. You could also look for networks that you have in offices and maybe ask them for referrals once you have made your base.

The modern form of getting contracts is the digital way. You need digital marketing to be on your side to ensure the stable growth of your organization. Gone are the days when fliers and pamphlets were the real deal. Today, it is all about social media, websites, emails, and networking via social platforms.

You have a list of commercial cleaning services that you are planning to offer. You have identified your audience and you have all the costs ready. Now what’s left is price determination for your services before you can reach out to your clients.

As a whole, it is the scope of service and frequency that usually determines the price. One of the major factors that play a role in this situation is your area of expertise. The price will vary according to your chosen commercial property and further, your chosen area of that commercial industry.

For instance, if you have restaurants as your selected client, you need to understand that cleaning the dining area and cleaning the kitchen are two very different things. Kitchens will require more deep and exhaustive cleaning.

Consider every expectation, the cleaning schedules, scope, and frequency of work before you make a final call.

When it comes to pricing the commercial cleaning services, it can get a little tricky. There are plenty of factors that come into play that putting an average rate is a bit challenging.

However, if you are still looking for a range around which a majority of commercial cleaning service providers work is approximately $20 to $30 an hour.

A few commercial cleaning providers also charge by square footage. On average, it ranges between 5 to 55 per square foot.

There might be additional tasks that are often charged separately by service providers. It is best to set out the expectations and have everything in agreement before you start working together.

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