Introduction to Diamond Cleaning Services

We provide commercial cleaning and janitorial services to offices and commercial spaces. We have been in the industry for more than two decades now, and believe that through our quality services and tailored cleaning solutions, we have been able to build a name for ourselves.

Through innovative cleaning techniques, consistent learning and use of state of the art equipment, we keep ourselves ready for new challenges!

We are a team of licensed and trained cleaners who have expertise in cleaning all types of surfaces and treating all types of stains. We are very careful with the additions to our team, which is why we take a rigorous approach in hiring them. We want to hire only the best!

With the help of modern cleaning techniques, advanced cleaning equipment and highly effective cleaning products, we ensure that your property is glinting. We keep the interior and exterior of your property clean, dust-free and germ free. We ensure that your property not only looks clean, but FEELS clean!

Our Work Philosophy

Cleanliness and hygiene is an indispensable part of our lives. It is rightly said that ‘One who maintains cleanliness, keeps diseases away’. The current times have only proven this to be true. Holding to this belief tight and strong, we have set out on a journey of bringing cleanliness to as many lives as possible.

We understand that not everyone has similar cleaning needs or budget, which is why we provide customized and tailored cleaning solutions to our clients, based on their needs and requirements. We want our cleaning services to be accessible to everyone.

Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We believe that the work should speak for itself. This is why we never compromise on the quality of our services. With each project, we learn and grow, and become better versions of ourselves. We strive to stand up to the expectations of our clients, and if possible, exceed them.

Why Choose Our Cleaning Services?

We give you enough reasons to choose us for cleaning services.

  • Guaranteed Client Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We work hard to ensure that! In case you are not satisfied with our services, we redo the work.

  • State of the art equipment

    We are always looking for the newest technology in the market because we want to provide you with the most effective cleaning solutions.

  • Friendly services

    We want you to be comfortable. Our team is friendly and cooperative and try their best to cause minimal disturbance to you when they are around.

  • Eco-friendly products

    We use environmentally friendly products for cleaning. Your health is important to us, and we do not want to compromise on that. We care about the environment and want to build a business that is sustainable.


Meet our team

All our team members working under the banner of Epic Cleaning Services are hand-picked and trained by the best in the business. Also, none of our under training cleaning professionals will be visiting you for cleaning service so you can be sure that only the best cleaners are sent to your aid. We invariably try new techniques and equipment to continue our journey as ever-evolving experts.

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