Disinfecting Your Workplace: 3 Messy Areas to Prioritize

Maintaining your workplace’s cleanliness should be a year-long affair because germs and illnesses don’t take any vacation weeks off. Although there are peak flu seasons, your offices are never free from the threat of germs and diseases that can come from your customers, staff, and surroundings. This is why it’s vital to know where to identify areas with a greater risk of spreading and cultivating contaminants.

Keeping a sanitized workplace

A clean workplace is a productive workplace. Cleanliness plays a crucial role in accommodating your staff, maintaining their motivation and effectiveness in their workstations. Unfortunately, standard janitorial services aren’t always enough to clean some of the nasty areas in your office where germs can grow and spread. You’ll be surprised to realize that there are more hazardous breeding grounds for germs besides your restrooms.

If you want to maintain a pristine workplace, here are three areas you should focus on:

1. Break rooms

Off the top of people’s heads, bathrooms should take the top spot in any germ-infested indoor location. However, break rooms can be just as hazardous, depending on how well kept they are. Since it’s an area with food storage and a functioning sink, it’s not uncommon for food particles to be everywhere, from obvious to hard-to-reach surfaces. Cabinets, tabletops, faucet handles, and other nooks and corners can be breeding grounds for germs if they’re not cleaned regularly. A clogged drain is usually a red flag of potential germ growth that can spread gradually.

2. Lobbies and waiting areas

Lounge and waiting areas don’t generally receive a lot of attention from business owners, primarily since it’s not an essential part of their business. Since most of the negotiations and transactions occur within cubicles or at dining tables, it’s not uncommon for lounge areas to be overlooked. This is why there’s a high chance that these areas have an unchecked buildup of dirt and germs on tables, door frames, carpets, and even magazine piles.

Establishments like clinics and other healthcare establishments need to maintain a clean and sanitized waiting area for their patients. They have to frequently sanitize their lobby areas, ensuring that their incoming patients aren’t at risk of spreading diseases to other vulnerable persons. It would be best if you also emulate these practices, regardless of your establishment’s industry.

3. Workstations

The area where your staff spends the most time is also the most prominent breeding place for germs. Your employee’s workstations can collect different contaminants from several locations, ranging from their home to interacting with different clients. These areas don’t receive nearly as much deep cleaning as other areas since doing so would prevent your staff from doing their daily tasks. Even then, their work desks and keyboards can accumulate so much bacteria within the day. This is why it’s vital to remind your staff to be responsible for their own work areas. Setting up sanitation tools like alcohol and wet wipes is a viable way to give them the right tools to tidy up a bit.


Prioritizing your workplace’s cleanliness is even more critical now with the threat of COVID-19. Offices operating with the need to open on-site must ensure their staff and clients’ safety. Unfortunately, not all businesses are equipped with the appropriate industry-grade cleaning tools and equipment for a reliable disinfection treatment.

Like your logistics or accounting tasks, maintaining your workplace’s cleanliness must be done by the right industry professionals. At Diamond Cleaning Services, our experts are proficient in sanitizing and disinfecting work environments from different industries. If you need professional commercial cleaning in Milton, contact our cleaning experts today!

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