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We, at Diamond Cleaning Services, provide disinfection services to all types of commercial properties including hospitals, restaurants, schools, offices, gyms, warehouses, bars, clinics.

The current times have made us realise the importance of keeping surroundings clean and hygienic. It has been rightly said ‘One who maintains cleanliness, keeps away diseases’ and we couldn’t agree more. A clean and organised space feels inviting, promotes well-being, boosts productivity and is good for the mind. And, we know it can get tough for you, as a business, to keep surfaces germ-free at all times.

This is why we strive hard to provide exceptional cleaning services so that you can have a clean, safe and healthy environment for your employees, staff and visitors. We use state-of-the art cleaning equipment, modern cleaning techniques and the right chemical solution for disinfecting surfaces, sanitising them and making them germ free. We know the difference between surfaces LOOKING clean and surfaces FEELING clean, and we aim to achieve the latter. We have studied about infections and viruses, and all our team members are well trained in disinfecting surfaces. We pay special attention to high-touch points, high traffic areas and hot spots.

We understand that not all properties have similar cleaning needs, which is why we offer customized cleaning packages that suit your needs. We don’t want our services to burn a hole in your pocket. Through our pocket-friendly and customised cleaning solutions, you can be assured that sanitisation at your property will be taken care of! You can opt for daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly packages, whatever you feel is best for you.

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The COVID-19 epidemic has thrown our style of living into chaos. As we combat the epidemic and deal with the different problems it has introduced to our homes and workplaces, expert disinfection and sanitization services are becoming increasingly necessary. There are numerous advantages to hiring professional disinfection cleaning Toronto service. Diamond Cleaning Services disinfects a variety of business buildings, like hospitals, restaurants, schools, workplaces, gyms, factories, bars, and clinics. The most significant advantage of having your home or company properly cleaned is the improved quality. You may be confident that you will receive comprehensive service if you hire a competent and experienced specialist.
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Trained personnel will guarantee that high-traffic areas, work surfaces, bathrooms, and kitchen facilities are disinfected and sanitized. They’ll go above and above to ensure that every crevice is clean. Furthermore, when you hire qualified, certified staff to perform professional sanitization or disinfection cleaning in Toronto, you can spend your time any way you choose. This is why Diamond Cleaning Services works hard to deliver superior cleaning services so that your staff, customers, and guests may work in a clean, safe, and hygienic atmosphere. For disinfected, sanitized, and germ-free surroundings, we employ cutting-edge cleaning equipment, current cleaning procedures, and the appropriate chemical treatment.

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