Professional Post Construction Cleaning Toronto

It is important that the attention and care that is given to a property during construction is also given after the construction is over. This is why we have collaborated with contractors, building owners and real estate developers to ensure that detailed cleanup of the property is done post construction. Be it a household, commercial or industrial space, a new property or an existing property, we can clean every type of property with ease and expertise.

Our services include the following-

  • Removing trash, dirt, and debris from the interiors of the building, and disposing of the debris as directed by the contractor.
  • Washing the interior and exterior of windows including vacuuming, cleaning, and polishing frames & tracks.
  • Cleaning & polishing cabinets, countertops, shelving and any other building finish work – vacuuming cabinet interiors, polishing stained wood work with furniture polish and polishing stainless steel with stainless steel cleaner.
  • Removing all packing materials and temporary stickers.
  • Cleaning & disinfecting all plumbing fixtures and trim.
  • Cleaning & shining all appliances and furniture.
  • Cleaning all wood bases, casings & sills.
  • Vacuuming all carpets.
  • Dry mopping, damp mopping, auto scrubbing and providing necessary floor maintenance for all hard surface floors.

Are you a builder who needs to get your newly constructed building cleaned? Your quality of work speaks a lot about you, and it is important that you hand over the property to the new owner in its cleanest state. You wouldn’t want to set a wrong impression on them. This is why we have collaborated with builders, and offer effective cleaning services for newly built properties. With the help of modern cleaning techniques, advanced cleaning equipment and highly effective cleaning products, we ensure that each and every surface, corner and area of the property is glinting.

Affordable Post Construction Cleaning Services in Toronto

In the construction sector, seeing the hustle-bustle as work is being done is a typical occurrence. Be it a new building, an upgrade, or a restoration, there will be some destruction involved. When a construction project ends, a considerable amount of debris is accumulated. It becomes really dirty, so cleaning up before people move in is essential. It is critical that the same attention and care given to property during construction is continued after the project is completed. Diamond Cleaning Services has worked with contractors, property owners, and property developers to guarantee that the site is thoroughly cleaned following construction. Contact us to avail our post-construction cleaning Toronto.

Leading Post Construction Cleaning Service Provider in Toronto

Most real estate developers and homeowners devote more time to working with contractors, architects, and builders to carry out their plans, but they do not take cleaning seriously once the work is completed. Cleaning up after construction is vital to remove debris and damaged materials. Professional cleaners with experience and expertise will make your job easier.

Diamond Cleaning Services offers services such as:

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