Protecting Your Business Tenants Through Indoor Cleaning

Amidst the dangers of COVID-19, business owners need to be extra cautious about creating a safe environment for their clients and staff. For example, facility managers must ensure that their complexes are COVID-free with thorough inspections and sanitation protocols. Otherwise, they could put their business and every establishment within it at risk of closing down per healthcare regulations.

How is COVID-19 affecting commercial establishments?

The restriction on face-to-face interactions made several sectors close down indefinitely, like restaurants, travel, and hospitality establishments. Many companies worldwide had to buckle down and wait out the aftermath of COVID-19 until they could resume operations. Unfortunately, the end was nowhere in sight even after two fiscal quarters, leading to one of the lowest of lows in the economy in decades.

Now that healthcare experts have more information on dealing with COVID-19, many public establishments like malls, arcades, and even some academic institutions are making the necessary adjustments for safe face-to-face interactions. Unfortunately, the necessity to achieve a comfortable level of safety requires thorough management of sanitation and contact tracing protocols.

Why is indoor air quality important for business complexes?

Indoor air quality affects the surrounding interior and nearby exterior ventilation of a structure. This usually flows through a ventilation or HVAC system to keep contaminants like allergens, pollution, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) away from indoor premises. Not all commercial establishments have proper access to natural airflow through open windows. However, it’s necessary to ensure that an indoor establishment has effective indoor air quality.

Without a functioning indoor air filtration system, allergens like dust, dead skin cells, and other contaminants can linger and spread unchecked. This is a dangerous environment for anyone who wants to stay away from COVID-19. The threat of infection and other dangerous materials that can float and scatter in the air is enough danger to reinforce your commercial complex’s sanitation procedures.

How does indoor quality affect your building’s tenants?

Although research shows that COVID-19 isn’t technically an airborne virus, it can still travel by air and remain on the surface in places with poor ventilation. This is why most healthcare protocols recommend open-air spaces over indoor locations where people are allowed to gather. Besides COVID-19, there are more everyday threats that indoor air quality affects.

The general short-term side effects of poor indoor air quality can lead to unfiltered contaminants circulating in your different rooms and common areas. This can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, leading to dizziness, coughing, headaches, and even fatigue. Even though these symptoms can seem minor, they can severely affect people with severe allergies and compromised immune systems.

As symptoms get worse on vulnerable individuals, allergies and asthma can flare up and make them more sensitive to other pollutants. At best, it can be a case of misrepresented symptoms with COVID-19. At worst, it can contribute to a greater spread of the disease from an infected individual.


The world had to endure the impact of COVID-19 on different sectors back in 2020. With 2021 projected as a year of healing, many nations are already in line to execute mass vaccination programs. However, it’s important to remember that vaccination will not get rid of COVID-19 completely. This is why observing basic hygiene and disinfecting protocols must remain even after the success of post-vaccination, especially if the economy wants the market to stabilize in the coming years.

Commercial establishments need to receive professional sanitation treatment to ensure a safe and productive workspace. At Diamond Cleaning Services, we’re experts at handling a diverse set of work arrangements in different industries. If you need to receive our professional commercial cleaning in Milton, book our cleaning experts today!

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