3 Things You Can Pressure Wash but Have Not Thought About

Pressure washing has given many homeowners the ability to clean many of their things much more effectively. For instance, when the fence is muddy and mouldy, pressure washing can help eliminate the ugly gunk and reveal the stunning fixture. Another example would be the dirty underside of a vehicle, where a pressure washer can dislodge all the dirt to clean the car back up.

That being said, there are many other things your pressure washer can clean up thoroughly. In fact, they need to be pressure washed, but you may not have thought about it. If you are curious to find out what those things are, here are a few examples

 The BBQ

If you love the outdoors, chances are, you also love barbeque. For that reason, you will most likely have a grill outside to satisfy your bbq cravings. However, you also know the pain of cleaning the grill, and even more so when you know that the grill needs to be cleaned almost after every bbq session. From soot and creosote to carbon and grease, all this gunk cannot only ruin the quality of the BBQ, but can even present hazards to your health.

With a pressure washer, this problem is one that is easily tackled. No longer do you have to rely on harsh chemicals to clean the grill, let alone scrubbing it until your arms give out. All you need to do is switch on the power washer and wash away, leaving the grill as good as new.

 The roof

Most of the time, you will not be looking at the roof. However, this does not mean it is not out there, slowly collecting all sorts of debris and dirt, all of which can hurt your roof in one way or another. Unfortunately, going up there yourself is not the safest thing to do either, as the risk of slips and falls are significant. For that reason, what can you do to reach your entire roof to clean out any buildups? With a power washer.

Using a power washer, you can reach hard-to-reach spots on your roof, allowing you to clear it of any debris safely. However, keep in mind that a mistake here can still hurt your roof. For instance, improperly using a power washer can tear shingles out of your roof, causing a massive headache. Because of this, we highly recommend hiring a professional if you do not want to pressure wash the roof yourself.

 The rugs

The rugs can collect plenty of dirt and dust over time, not to mention other things like spilled liquids and so on. Due to the nature of rugs, cleaning them can be a huge hassle as well. More often than not, you have already used some chemical, sometimes even a toxic one, to thoroughly clean them.

If you are having trouble looking for non-toxic chemicals and more straightforward ways to clean the rug, you can utilize your power washer. After a few minutes of blasting away at the rug, any dirt and dust collected over time will disappear in a flash. Note that this will not get rid of stains, and you will have to employ other methods for that.


As you can see, a power washer can assist you in various ways to clean many things, from your roof to your car, to your rug and even your children’s playground. The power of water is nothing to be joked about, and with just the right pressure of water, nothing can stand in its way.

That being said, do be careful with the use of a power washer. Setting it up with too much pressure can damage whatever it is you are cleaning, so we highly recommend starting in a lower setting and testing a small spot of what you want to clean. This way, you can see whether the pressure is high enough to clean without causing damages.

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