Professional Stripping & Waxing Toronto

Diamond Cleaning Services provides professional stripping & waxing services to both residential and commercial clients. When regular mopping is not enough to retain the shine and lustre of the floors, there is more that needs to be done. Regular scrubbing and buffing can help in maintaining the floors but when the floors experience wear & tear, stripping & waxing the floor is the solution! Through our superior cleaning methods, floor care techniques and commercial janitorial floor waxes and supplies, we are confident of taking good care of your floors and standing up to your quality expectations.

Our stripping service is quite effective in removing accumulated dirt, debris, other build-up and old layers of wax from the floor. This step is essential to make the floor ready to receive new layers of wax in order to retain its sheen. Once the floor has been stripped of the old layers of wax, the expert will apply a smooth and clean base layer, and then apply a new coat of wax. A diligent application of base layer is essential in ensuring that the floor stays protected, and can receive more layers of wax in future.

We provide stripping & waxing services for all types of floors, be it vinyl, tile, ceramic, cement or terracotta. Our team is well trained and experienced to carry out the work skillfully and diligently. When handled by an amateur, an even and smooth finish on the floor is difficult to obtain. Our team ensures that the floor is ready to take wear & tear and stay protected for many years.

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