Professional Power Washing Toronto

Diamond Cleaning can help restore your pathways, driveways, sidewalks, and other areas of the building to their original condition by using power washing technique. Whether you want to get rid of years of accumulated dirt or are preparing for an upcoming event, power washing gives the surfaces a breath of fresh air. We use modern equipment and highly effective and environmentally friendly cleaning agents to make the surfaces stain free and spotless.

The exterior of the building deserves the same care and attention that the interior gets. And, exterior plays an important role too in the impression that you set on your visitors. By choosing to get power washing done, you sign up for clean and sparkling surfaces that are free of mold, accumulated dust, grime, debris, loose paint, stubborn stains etc. We provide power washing for all types of buildings and surfaces including gazebos, banks, sidewalks, churches, car Lots, gas stations, playgrounds, shopping centers, apartments, malls, decks, homes, driveways, schools and Boats & Campers.

It is important to maintain cleanliness in your property. Accumulation of dirt, growth of mold, build-up can, with time, cause damage to the surface. This is why it is important to regularly get your exterior and other areas power washed. We use high pressure water flow with variable pressure and heat to get the desired results. Our team of experts have many years of experience to good use and tremendous knowledge of cleaning, and this is surely reflected in the work we do. You are bound to see amazing results!

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