Why it Pays To Have a Janitorial Service

Many ask us, “Why should I invest in a professional janitorial service?” — there’s a simple answer: it’ll save you time & money.

How you might ask? We’ll, its pretty simple. There are three ways off the bat where you can save money: (1) Not having to hire permanent staff, (2) hire specialized workers for the specific cleaning required and (3) save dollars from having your subject matter specialists do what they do best, instead of cleaning.

Not Having to hire permanent staff.
If you don’t already know, it can get quite costly to hire internal staff. Whether its the cost of government regulated expenses, insurance, WSIB, etc. there is a lot! On the other hand, some newer organizations are not in need of a 40-hours week cleaner. Maybe all you require is someone who can work 1 day for 8 hours, once a week? Who is really going to take a job like this? This is where a janitorial service comes in.

The Janitorial service would be able to support a smaller office such as this. How fantastic is that? Get the service you need without the heavy cost or commitment.

Hire Specialized Workers
Not every cleaning job or requirement is the same. Sometimes, depending on your companies product or service, you may require different cleaning types at different times. For example, if you are a construction company, you may require site cleanings on a quarterly basis once a project has been completed, and at the same time, you may require a weekly office cleaning too. Working with a janitorial service such as Diamond Cleaning Services, you can pay for what you use instead of having to hire two full teams; one for the office, and one of the finished construction site.

Last, but not least…

Wasting a Specialist’s Time.
If you are asking staff to clean up their own spaces and common areas, think again. This may sound like a good idea in order to preserve resources, however, it can get messy really quickly. Even if your staff spends 1 hour per week, that still equates to approximately 52 hours per year per staff member that is spent instead of working. Wow!

To see how the numbers stack up, lets take a look at an example: you have 10 staff members, each are paid $30.00 per hour. If each staff member spends 1 hour per week cleaning their space, that is a total of 10 hours per week of human resources (or real $$$) put towards cleaning. The numbers are astonishing:

Per Week: $35.00 * 10 hours = $350.00
Per Month: $350.00 * 4 (weeks) = $1,400.00
Per Year: $1,400.00 * 12 (months) = $16,800.00

Now that you can see the numbers, it makes sense to hire a third-party janitorial cleaning service. Diamond Cleaning Services would be happy to connect and provide you with a free quote. Please click here to be redirected to our estimate form.

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